Mystery shed

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

Thank you Phylor for our photo prompt!

Mystery shed

My granny had an old shed in the back garden. She kept it locked up tight, not even my friend Jimmy could get it open, and he was the best lock picker I knew.

She always caught us. Granny would place her hand on your shoulder and steer you back into the house to a cup of tea.

I was with her many years later, on holiday from University, when she passed a key over the plastic covered table to me. Her hair was completely silver then, and her right hand ravaged by arthritis. I waited until she went to bed before I made the walk to the shed.

The key fit. The lock turned effortlessly. My heart pounded in my throat. I wished I had called Jimmy to come see, but he was still serving time. Grandpa’s unfinished projects sat waiting. I was the only grandchild who had shown interest in carpentry.

I finished the little bear sculpture he had been working on. Granny kept it by her side until she left us.

(174 words)

No random foxes made it into this week’s story.


Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

Prompt provided by Iain Kelly!


How is it possible to be in a helicopter, high above the city one moment, and on an island writing SOS in the sand the next?

I thought I was alone. It turned out that there was another woman on the opposite end who had taken the liberty of building herself a tree-house. I moved in. After several weeks I think I had given up on the idea of ever being rescued. We had the house, there was a fresh bottle of water in the chest every morning and we had all the fish and fruit we could ever want to eat.

I think I realized that I might have been dreaming it all when a fox came and sat next to me. Maybe I was still in the helicopter. Maybe I had crashed and was lying in a hospital bed totally unaware of what was going on.

The fox said I was worrying too much.

We shared a cocktail as we watched new people walk out of the water to live with us on the island.

177 words (oops)

Mrs. Meyers, the bird bath, and the funky munky.

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

Week of 08-16 through 08-22-2016

Prompt provided by TJ Paris

Mrs. Meyers, the bird bath, and the funky munky. 

The funky munky was the eyesore of the town, but the sanctuary of those who couldn’t fit in anywhere else.

Mrs. Meyers opened the ground floor up as a bar for local weirdos after her husband suspiciously drowned in the bird bath. She had just turned forty and it was said she longed for a new life. She had even painted the building herself.

Soon the doors of the funky munky swung open, welcoming the lanky man who owned more than a dozen cats and made cat hair sweaters, and the group of girls who liked to paint their faces with silver glitter and sing all of their conversations. Even the Mayor was seen there on occasion. Leopard leotard and all.

Never again would she have to hide her unshaven legs from her husband or feel bad about having a glass of wine while cooking breakfast. The bird bath stood in the door, welcoming all her weirdos, reminding everyone what she was capable of if they criticized her.

She would have it good after all.

175 words

Mrs. Meyers has the best dirt on everyone.

Monday prompt

Prompt: Silence

I chose silence today, because I live right next to a primary school. Usually at this time in the morning you can hear the children play and make a noise. Today they seem to be absent. I’m enjoying it.

I think I’m going to stick with 250 words. It’s just long enough to spark some creativity, but short enough to challenge you.

Leave a link in the comments or tag me if you decide to do this!

Happy writing!

Wednesday prompt!

I just finished writing a short story that involved two characters talking over tea.

So my first ever prompt for you guys is… you guessed it! Tea

Write no more than 250 words and if you would be so lovely, please tag Writercookie and leave your link in the comments so I can read it.

Off to write!