We’ll be home soon

Mondays Finish the Story

Monday’s finish the story

Finish the story begins with: “They followed the buffaloes and their babies along the trail heading into the woods.”


We’ll be home soon

© 2015, Barbara W. Beacham

They followed the buffaloes and their babies along the trail heading into the woods.

If they didn’t react soon, they would disappear and they would never be able to catch up again. It had already been too long since they had left camp in search for meat and fur. The women and children were counting on them. The elders would surely expel them. They would be forced to spend the remainder of their days on the outskirts as failures. The village had to survive. Their people had made it through the previous year’s extreme blizzards and numbing cold. He would not let them succumb now because they couldn’t kill one buffalo.

He picked up his spear and woke the men. It was time to go home.

The day out


100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups



The day out


“What’s on that island?”

He turned his head to peer over his shoulder. “We shouldn’t go there,” he answered, quickly.

She crossed her arms. The dog barked at a seagull that swooped down near to them. They were all quiet after, with only the still lapping of water against the deck. He turned his body. His eyes darted between the almost golden glow of the island and his young daughter. He sighed and pushed himself up from the railing.


“I met your mother on that island.”

She held her breath when she got excited.

“And that’s where she died…”

Before the king

April 7 2015 Writing Prompt 100 Words

Velvet Verbosity‘s 100 word challenge

Prompt: Indulge


Before the king

I had closed my eyes, waiting for teeth to rip through my flesh and indulge in my blood.

I opened my eyes (against my better judgement) when all I felt was hot breath against my cheek.

He stood in a statuesque state once more. Only his eyes moved. They darted back and forth, up and down. Was he trying to sense danger in me? How would I communicate that I wasn’t a threat? I was merely trying to observe his people?

Moving my arms were useless, but as best I could, I lifted my hands and held them up in surrender.


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100 WCGU challenge

100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week #174


Prompt for this week is: …all seven were just arguing amongst themselves…

100 word challenge for grown ups


In the kingdom beneath the water, was the palace of the Sea King. The coral and pearl glinted and gleamed with the little light that penetrated deeply enough.

The king sat at the long table watching over his seven sons, and one and only daughter. All seven were just arguing amongst themselves, trying to prove which one was best.

“I’m the best!” the oldest shouted. “I am better because you all have yet to learn what I already know.”

The weary king turned to his daughter and said, “I will give you the kingdom because you are the quietest.”


Inspired by the Scandinavian story Agneta and the Sea king.




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The hunt

Five Sentence Fiction – Hunt

Lillie McFerrin Writes


The Hunt

Five days they had tracked the great bear.

On the sixth day, as dawn broke over the forest, the hunters descended upon the sleeping creature.

Omari held up his spear and steadied his breathing before thrusting it forward.

The great bear went down, roaring, as more spears were thrown, overwhelming the creature.

Behind the fur hulk, Omari found two little eyes of a cub staring up at him.

The running girl part 2

Velvet Verbosity 100 word challenge – Shelf 100 Words Writing Prompt #419


The running girl Behind the shelves, Jess found a place where she could squeeze her body into. Her breathing was laboured. She tried to control it. It had started to rain outside. A cold wind came in through the window behind her. It swept through her, curling and winding and slithering around her exposed skin until she shivered. The man came in. She knew it was him. Jess, as silently as she could, tried to move deeper between the crevices of the shelves and wall. Lightning struck, and made her jump. The shelf shook. Its precious cargo tumbled to the floor, alerting him.


Part 1 of the running girl – The Running girl

Monday’s finish the story

Mondays Finish the StoryMondays Finish the Story

Finish the story begins with:Pizza anyone?”


© 2015, Barbara W. Beacham

“Pizza anyone?” Mary-Sue’s voice rang.

When there came no answer, she turned to scan over the tired, defeated faces of her team. The match had been tough on everyone, including the coach. She closed her eyes, thinking of how her girl’s had been set up to play against the most mature ten-year-olds she had ever seen. Frankly, she was afraid for them.

It was a bloodbath. No amount of happy sunshine or sips of her ‘special’ coach-juice, could rectify the day. They lost five to nothing.

A little hand reached up and tugged on her shirt. Natalie had a large bruise where the soccer ball collided with her forehead. She went down hard.

“I’ll have a slice, mama,” she said, softly. Mary-Sue slid a hot slice onto a paper plate for her.

Soon the others came up to the table. At least a little pizza could lift their spirits.