The running girl part 2

Velvet Verbosity 100 word challenge – Shelf 100 Words Writing Prompt #419


The running girl Behind the shelves, Jess found a place where she could squeeze her body into. Her breathing was laboured. She tried to control it. It had started to rain outside. A cold wind came in through the window behind her. It swept through her, curling and winding and slithering around her exposed skin until she shivered. The man came in. She knew it was him. Jess, as silently as she could, tried to move deeper between the crevices of the shelves and wall. Lightning struck, and made her jump. The shelf shook. Its precious cargo tumbled to the floor, alerting him.


Part 1 of the running girl – The Running girl

The running girl

Jess scurried up the steps.

She was breathless and tired, but she couldn’t stop. He was right behind her, closing in on his kill. There was no one to help her. If she stopped to rest her tired legs, if she stopped to check her bleeding knee then she would seal her fate. He was too fast.

He was a shadow at first. Not anymore.

With a few more steps she reached the doors of her sanctuary. She pulled them open. She stepped into the welcoming embrace of the library. Her library.

There was no danger there. She was safe.