I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine.

Strip away the rotten flesh, and dress it with clean bandages. I will not lose the leg. I will be healed. He makes a crown for my head with His hair. I drink the water the Father has given me. The Holy Spirit is with me. I bless him and he roosts on my head as a white dove.

He is the God of my salvation. I am His child, made clean in the blood of the Lamb. He will direct my steps. He has numbered my days. His outstretched hand is above me, below me, around me, guiding me and helping me. He loves me!

I welcome you, Lord! My heart rejoices in You! You are the God of my salvation. My heart is not troubled, and I will not stumble. He places my feet on the rock. He shows me the way. My lamp shines brightly for Him, because of Him. The enemy will not find me, because I will be with my God! My father will not abandon me.

The wedding feast of the Lamb has come! How my heart rejoices that You would shine Your face upon me, your servant. Forgive me, Lord, as I turn from my sin back to You.

You are my father, and I am your daughter. I am my beloved’s, and my beloved is mine.


I wanted to share these two dreams I had in the last week or so. I hope it will bless someone, or speak to them. But I just wanted to get it out there. Not meant to make anyone feel afraid or judged. I just needed to post it.


  • My friend was at the gate of our house. She pushed open the gate, invited herself in and parked the car. She sat outside on the paving. I watched from inside the house, feeling very upset that she had just did that. She had no respect for me, and didn’t care about anything but herself. So, I left her there, not wanting to have a fight. I wanted to tell her to go away, but walked away, ignoring it. There was a wedding happening that day. I left her there when I went to the wedding. But as I got to the church, I felt I had to go back for her. When I came back to the house, she wasn’t there anymore, but this man sat in her place. I’ve known him since childhood. I was surprised, but so happy to see him. I told him to come with me, and we returned to the wedding.


  • I was with my fiance, and wanted to go to the bathroom. But instead of a window in the bathroom, there was a door. And outside ‘working’ was a man with bright red hair who I didn’t know. He looked at me, and I felt afraid. I closed the door and hid, hoping that he would leave me alone. But he came in, and stood before me. He grabbed hold of my neck, wanting to hurt me. I called out to my father. I knew he would help me. The man was angry, but fled and I was saved. No one who lived or worked in the house knew who he was. And no one could find him after. He had disappeared from the house. But he wasn’t gone.


Romans 10:13

for, Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.

(Joel 2:32, Acts 2:21)


  • Children, it’s time to return home. Your father is waiting for you. The sun is setting, and it will be dark soon.

Five Sentence Fiction

Five sentence fiction prompt – Engulf

Engulf verb: Sweepover (something) so as to surround or cover it compeletely/ powerfully affect (someone); overwhelm.


She was ready for something more than this world was willing to give. She found that he, the boy she loved so dearly, was not the one to give her, her heart’s desire.

Alone and broken she found new light in the face of a beautiful stranger, with kindness and love and sadness in his eyes, who she realised had always been there. He was not so strange after all.

His love swept over her, engulfed her, until she was, not as the world understood it, but in a radically new way, completely complete in his love.


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