Missing heir

100 word challenge for grown ups #155


100 WCGU

…as time passes…


Missing heir

“It will be less likely to find her as time passes.”

“Your majesty, we can still find her.”

The king slammed his fists against the table sending food and crystal flying. The queen still in grief-stricken stupor was quickly tended to.

He roared.

Then his breathing hitched and he hung his head. “Maybe if you send more men.” The king was broken.

The warden shuffled. “The men have been exhausted looking for her. I will lose them to frost-”

The king’s shoulders begun to shake.

Silence settled and hung like a heavy cloak around them.

His new born daughter, his light was gone.


I went a little over with 102 words and I made myself a little sad with this.

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Officially fixed


I was worried about my doctor’s appointment today. I had been working on getting my hand into a fist again for the past four weeks with many good and bad days. Sometimes it required little effort to bend my fingers, other days it refused. I sat in the waiting room, discretely massaging the scar when no-one was looking just to be prepared for what I know he would ask.  He called my name. I was ready. He asked me to sit. I felt less ready. He looked the scar over, pressed here and there to check for pain and then the moment came: “Make a fist for me, please.” His eyebrow was raised and he smiled. He knew I knew it was coming.

I was dreading the moment, because last night my fingers refused to go down!

I took a breath and, THANK YOU GOD, it curled up into a neat little fist. Then he smiled and asked me to extend my fingers. They uncurled easily and stood straight, then went back down again into a fist. No problem. I think I looked more surprised than I meant to. He’s going to take the pins out in September and promised that it won’t be as bad as the first operation.

I just wanted to say that I am officially allowed to go on as if this never happened to me. I will begin posting as quickly as my hand will allow. It’s still slow at the moment, but I am patient. I have missed writing and posting to my blog greatly, and I am very excited to continue!