Strange dreams

100 word challenge for grown ups- week #157


prompt: …at last we were free…

100 WCGU



Strange dreams

At last we were free.

The icemen hunted us for over three days; keeping us from sleep. We almost froze to death.

The scientist women was not at the rendezvous point and I think the ice beasts might have taken her. Why she had to come out here to this frozen hellhole is beyond us all.

Some of the men were complaining of strange dreams.

I’ve also started dreaming of a statuesque king with burning, sad eyes. Northern lights always dance behind him.

Sometimes, I hear him calling; he wants us to find him.

I don’t know what to think anymore. We need to leave.



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Lillie McFerrin Writes

Five sentence Fiction

Prompt: Changes



Three days passed and on the morning of the fourth there came a knock on the door that pulled me from uneasy sleep.

A lumbering man with thick arms like trees and hard eyes, came inside followed by the still gracefulness of the king.

I sat dumbfounded against the now warmer walls of my corner as this mountain started speaking. I could understand every beautiful word from his scarred lips.

“The king has been making changes. You will no longer be executed.”


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Five Sentence Fiction – Isolated

Lillie McFerrin Writes



He must have thought me a very strange creature and so with a wave of his hand I was dragged away to an isolated room far below the icy palace.

My cell had a tiny wooden bed frame lined with hay with only a piece of dirty fabric to keep me warm. There was an unlit fireplace dirty with soot and ash, and only one window, high above on the wall before me.

I sat in the corner beneath the window, where I could look at the iron door. I gathered my feet underneath me, refusing to let the cold drag me down further.


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Before the king

April 7 2015 Writing Prompt 100 Words

Velvet Verbosity‘s 100 word challenge

Prompt: Indulge


Before the king

I had closed my eyes, waiting for teeth to rip through my flesh and indulge in my blood.

I opened my eyes (against my better judgement) when all I felt was hot breath against my cheek.

He stood in a statuesque state once more. Only his eyes moved. They darted back and forth, up and down. Was he trying to sense danger in me? How would I communicate that I wasn’t a threat? I was merely trying to observe his people?

Moving my arms were useless, but as best I could, I lifted my hands and held them up in surrender.


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King of Obsidian

Mondays Finish the Story

Monday’s finish the story prompt: Once upon a time in a land far, far away…


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King of Obsidian

Once upon a time in a land far, far, away, where the rays of new daylight touched the sacred red waters of the Makong river, the Ice men of Indus built their towering monuments of stone and obsidian.

I was brought before the king.

Never in my life was I so afraid! The hands of the guards securing me, marked the skin of my arms with their cold. The king was seated on a throne of bone and shining rock with only a fur between him and the seat.

If he hadn’t had moved, I wouldn’t have believed he was alive. He was like a flawless carved piece of marble. His features were smooth, his eyes were like coloured glass, shifting and changing colour as the light reflected off him.

I thought he looked strange compared to the brutish scouts and guardsmen who had brought me to his forbidden kingdom.

He thrust himself forward from his seat, toward me, and bared his jagged black teeth.


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The beginning

Five sentence fiction – Entrance

Lillie McFerrin Writes


The Beginning

The cold was beginning to numb the deepest parts of me. Trying to communicate with the Ice men were of no use; they simply ignored me and carried on.

I fought sleep until I was voilently ripped form my carrier and thrown down. There was no snow to cushion my fall, only hard rock that led to the entrance of their city.

The leader of the group, a tall man with eyes like coal, pushed me through the opening of the rock where the light poured in over us.


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