Officially fixed


I was worried about my doctor’s appointment today. I had been working on getting my hand into a fist again for the past four weeks with many good and bad days. Sometimes it required little effort to bend my fingers, other days it refused. I sat in the waiting room, discretely massaging the scar when no-one was looking just to be prepared for what I know he would ask. ¬†He called my name. I was ready. He asked me to sit. I felt less ready. He looked the scar over, pressed here and there to check for pain and then the moment came: “Make a fist for me, please.” His eyebrow was raised and he smiled. He knew I knew it was coming.

I was dreading the moment, because last night my fingers refused to go down!

I took a breath and, THANK YOU GOD, it curled up into a neat little fist. Then he smiled and asked me to extend my fingers. They uncurled easily and stood straight, then went back down again into a fist. No problem. I think I looked more surprised than I meant to. He’s going to take the pins out in September and promised that it won’t be as bad as the first operation.

I just wanted to say that I am officially allowed to go on as if this never happened to me. I will begin posting as quickly as my hand will allow. It’s still slow at the moment, but I am patient. I have missed writing and posting to my blog¬†greatly, and I am very excited to continue!