Strange dreams

100 word challenge for grown ups- week #157


prompt: …at last we were free…

100 WCGU



Strange dreams

At last we were free.

The icemen hunted us for over three days; keeping us from sleep. We almost froze to death.

The scientist women was not at the rendezvous point and I think the ice beasts might have taken her. Why she had to come out here to this frozen hellhole is beyond us all.

Some of the men were complaining of strange dreams.

I’ve also started dreaming of a statuesque king with burning, sad eyes. Northern lights always dance behind him.

Sometimes, I hear him calling; he wants us to find him.

I don’t know what to think anymore. We need to leave.



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The dancing wind

100 word challenge for grown ups Week #149


Prompt: April



The dancing wind

Cold wind blows her hair in whimsical directions, fluttering them softly across her face. The dance soon ends and she is left to wait for the embrace of the element again.

April always marks the days when cold will come again. She looks up at the trees of golden hues, jealous that the wind now dances with the changing leaves until one by one they fall to the ground.

They are blown up into the air again, but is is useless. They will only make a soft rustle now, never to dance again.

“Why won’t you take me away?” she cries out.

It does not hear. It only changes. Registered & Protected