The last thirteen

100 Word challenge for grown ups – Week#158


Prompt: … the 13…



The last thirteen

The last thirteen of general Philip’s army were at last spotted spotted returning to the Keep early one New Spring morning.

Rosaline ran across the pebbled marketplace. It filled with more and more eager wives and mothers each passing moment.

All waited to see who would be reunited. Rosaline pushed herself to the front of the silent crowd. It was a miserable, cold day with grey skies.

The Keep’s heavy doors were pushed open. General Philip led the remaining few in.

She reached out her hand to him, silently asking for her son.

They left her standing alone with his helmet.


Strange dreams

100 word challenge for grown ups- week #157


prompt: …at last we were free…

100 WCGU



Strange dreams

At last we were free.

The icemen hunted us for over three days; keeping us from sleep. We almost froze to death.

The scientist women was not at the rendezvous point and I think the ice beasts might have taken her. Why she had to come out here to this frozen hellhole is beyond us all.

Some of the men were complaining of strange dreams.

I’ve also started dreaming of a statuesque king with burning, sad eyes. Northern lights always dance behind him.

Sometimes, I hear him calling; he wants us to find him.

I don’t know what to think anymore. We need to leave.



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Don’t you dare

100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week#156


The weather isn’t behaving as it should…


Don’t you dare

“We need to get to that house.” Mark hurried inside the abandoned house, followed by little sister, Becca, and Rich.

The wind picked up. It whirled and moaned around them. They huddle in the forgotten bathtub.


“Where is everyone?”

Becca’s arms wobbled as she tried to push herself up. She found the front door of the house open.

“Don’t you dare say it,” Mark huffed.

Becca stepped outside. Empty field had been replaced with ruby-red wheat. In the distance there was the gleam of a golden palace. Before them an emerald road. “Where are we?”

Rich stifled a laugh. “We’re not in Kansas anymore.”


My funny little take on The Wizard of Oz. I couldn’t help myself. When I saw the picture it was all I could imagine.

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Missing heir

100 word challenge for grown ups #155


100 WCGU

…as time passes…


Missing heir

“It will be less likely to find her as time passes.”

“Your majesty, we can still find her.”

The king slammed his fists against the table sending food and crystal flying. The queen still in grief-stricken stupor was quickly tended to.

He roared.

Then his breathing hitched and he hung his head. “Maybe if you send more men.” The king was broken.

The warden shuffled. “The men have been exhausted looking for her. I will lose them to frost-”

The king’s shoulders begun to shake.

Silence settled and hung like a heavy cloak around them.

His new born daughter, his light was gone.


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The dancing wind

100 word challenge for grown ups Week #149


Prompt: April



The dancing wind

Cold wind blows her hair in whimsical directions, fluttering them softly across her face. The dance soon ends and she is left to wait for the embrace of the element again.

April always marks the days when cold will come again. She looks up at the trees of golden hues, jealous that the wind now dances with the changing leaves until one by one they fall to the ground.

They are blown up into the air again, but is is useless. They will only make a soft rustle now, never to dance again.

“Why won’t you take me away?” she cries out.

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The day out


100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups



The day out


“What’s on that island?”

He turned his head to peer over his shoulder. “We shouldn’t go there,” he answered, quickly.

She crossed her arms. The dog barked at a seagull that swooped down near to them. They were all quiet after, with only the still lapping of water against the deck. He turned his body. His eyes darted between the almost golden glow of the island and his young daughter. He sighed and pushed himself up from the railing.


“I met your mother on that island.”

She held her breath when she got excited.

“And that’s where she died…”

100 WCGU challenge

100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week #174


Prompt for this week is: …all seven were just arguing amongst themselves…

100 word challenge for grown ups


In the kingdom beneath the water, was the palace of the Sea King. The coral and pearl glinted and gleamed with the little light that penetrated deeply enough.

The king sat at the long table watching over his seven sons, and one and only daughter. All seven were just arguing amongst themselves, trying to prove which one was best.

“I’m the best!” the oldest shouted. “I am better because you all have yet to learn what I already know.”

The weary king turned to his daughter and said, “I will give you the kingdom because you are the quietest.”


Inspired by the Scandinavian story Agneta and the Sea king. Registered & Protected 

100 WCGU #172

100 WCGU Prompt:

…when the daylight returned the king was dead…


He was dying and lately liked to be among the late queen’s flowers in the greenhouse. He said he could still feel her when he sat, smelling the sweet perfumes of the blooms. I woke up one night angry and upset. I needed to see him right away. He was asleep on the day bed. The moon shone over his face. I hurried to his side and gently laid my head on his chest. “Everything will be fine, my dove,” he promised again. I listened to his heart beat until it went still with the rise of the sun.


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