Time to adult

I’ve been gone from my blog again for a while. I seem to do that a lot- disappear for periods of time.

Last week this time I was in the Kruger National Park with my family not worrying about writing or what’s to come in this year. (If you want to see some videos here’s my instagram -> https://www.instagram.com/heathervanniekerk/?hl=en )

Now, I’m back behind my monitor looking at this tsunami of work that wants to crash down over little old me. It’s time to take it all much more seriously than before. Even though I’m still a bit unsure and scared, I can’t avoid it forever.

I have a lot of people to prove wrong still with what I do. 

So, with that, I’ve updated my blog a bit, trying to give it a nicer clean look. I’m looking for freelance work and I’m also back to finishing my manuscript. (I’ve been threatening to finish it for a while *cringe* It’s on 75%, I swear.) I finally have an ending I can work on and I’m excited to see where it all will go. The inevitable slope of editing will soon follow, but I’m honestly looking forward to fixing plot-holes and things that have been bothering me for a while.

I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone look forward to editing their writing. If you ever bring it up with NaNoWriMo people¬†it’s like throwing garlic into a group of vampires. Is this part of being an adult? Maybe.

I’ve pulled up my pants now. Time to write.

Happy reading!

My absence

I am very sorry for not posting for a few weeks now. I fell and broke my hand! It’s only been a little over a week now, and being able to use just one hand is driving me crazy.

I’ll post as soon as my right hand gets into the rhythm of typing solo.