30 Day writing challenge: Day 17 + 18

The idea is to write 150-200 words a day for each prompt and to post it on this blog. At the end of the month, I’ll post the list of prompts if anyone is interested.

Prompt 17: It was a dream. 

Prompt 18: Dare to hope. 

Iandel started to fade around me. There was nothing I could do. Link stared at me, frozen. It was already too late. I was going back to my world.

How could I have been so stupid? I wanted to stay with him. I wanted to remain in the ethereal forest. I chose wrong.

Slowly my view started to change. I was in my bed. My eyes closed for a moment. Soon they fluttered open and everything was back to normal. I rubbed my eyes and sat up, feeling confused. Mother came into the room.

“Oh, darling,” she said, throwing herself down on the bed and her arms around me.

“What happened?” I asked.

“You’ve been asleep for so long. No one knew how to find you and bring you back to us.” She pulled back to look at me. “Where were you?”

I wanted to tell her everything I had seen and done. I wanted to tell her about Link and the forest. But my mind felt full of wool. I couldn’t think. “I don’t know,” I said. “It was like a dream…”

Mother pulled me against her, holding me and stroking my hair.

I would find him again. I hoped I would.

(203 words)



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