30 Day writing challenge: Day 9

The idea is to write 150-200 words a day for each prompt and to post it on this blog. At the end of the month, I’ll post the list of prompts if anyone is interested.

Prompt 9: You won’t believe it.


There was only a small group of survivors that made it to the island. We were unable to find any food, but we did have access to clean water. I tried several times to catch fish, but was unsuccessful.

Jeremy had us go in threes through the jungle every so often to find something we could eat. Panic was starting to settle in within the group.

Andrew found some mushrooms, and though we were advised against it by doctor Margot, the two of us devoured what he found. Nothing happened. We were fine, but still hungry.

We sat down to rest for a few minutes and have some water. I closed my eyes for a moment, resting in the sun. When I opened them, I was met with a large table, filled with food. A woman placed a plate filled with fish and bread before me. Andrew and Margot sat with me. Both of them filled their stomachs. I picked up a piece of bread and took a hesitant bite.

My teeth ached. As I dropped the bread, the table disappeared and I returned to reality. A rock lied between my legs and there was the iron taste of blood on my tongue.

“You won’t believe it,” I said. But I stopped. I couldn’t tell them what happened. I picked up the rock. We all sat in silence.

(228 words) oops…


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