30 Day writing challenge: Day 7

The idea is to write 150-200 words a day for each prompt and to post it on this blog. At the end of the month, I’ll post the list of prompts if anyone is interested.

Prompt 7: Is that blood? No?


“Is that blood?”

Wendy moved the torch toward the entrance of the cave. “No?”

“What is it then?”

We walked toward the mouth, looking around for anything injured or dead. Professor George had made us come down for samples and now we found ourselves stuck on the alien planet, having to wait for him to return.

“I don’t think it’s blood,” Wendy said. She bent down and swiped some up with her fingers. She rubbed it between her finger tips. It wasn’t sticky. She held it up to her nose. “Doesn’t smell like it.”

“I can’t believe you did that,” I said, turning my torch up toward the ceiling of the cave. Something was dripping from up there. Wendy wiped her fingers off on her leg.

“Do you think it’s coming from there?”

There was a crackle of thunder. Rain started pouring down like a curtain. Wendy started to laugh. “Now we know for sure it isn’t blood. It’s rain!”

“I can’t wait to get off this hell hole,” I said.

(171 words)


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