30 Day writing challenge: Day 5

The idea is to write 150-200 words a day for each prompt and to post it on this blog. At the end of the month, I’ll post the list of prompts if anyone is interested.

Prompt 5: No, you don’t.

I plopped my leg down next to my mom. “Does this make my legs look taller?”

Mom stared at me, bewildered. “What do you mean? You still look the same. Were you stretched out?”

“No,” I said, extending my right leg toward her. She grabbed my ankle. “The lady in the shop said if I wore this skirt it would make my legs seem taller and I wouldn’t look as short.”

She sat back on the couch, folding her arms. “Huh.”


She let go of my leg. “No, you don’t.”

“I don’t what?”

“You don’t look taller. I think she lied to you.”

“It’s not working at all?” I looked down at the turquoise skirt, sighing. “It doesn’t make me look taller?”

“No, I’m sorry.” She shook her head. “That is a nice skirt, though. You look like a mermaid. You’ll be the best mermaid at the party tonight.”

“Stuck with short legs forever.”

“Well, until you die, sure.”


(161 words)

I’m so tired today, I can’t even think properly.


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