30 Day writing challenge: Day 2

The idea is to write 150-200 words a day for each prompt and to post it on this blog. At the end of the month, I’ll post the list of prompts if anyone is interested.

Prompt 2: It looks like a baby.

It looks like a baby.

What is it doing here in the middle of nowhere? I pick it up carefully, cradling it in my arms. It wasn’t crying.

I turn my head, searching for any sign of its parents. But we were alone beneath the street lamp. I carry it back to my car. My hands are shaking. What was I going to do? I have no choice. I place it on the seat next to me. I’ll just drive slowly. We were close enough.

We get home. Max is in the kitchen waiting for the groceries to start dinner with.

“Helen? What is that?”

I present it to him, still unsure what to do with it. My breathing hitches. My stomach burns. He holds out his hands and I gently place it down. He watches me, silently.

“Helen, this is a potato.”

“I know.”

“What is wrong with you?”

He puts the potato down on the kitchen table and walks past me to get the groceries out of the car. I take a photo of the potato baby.

At least I enjoy myself.

(184 words)



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