Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

108th Challenge

This week’s prompt provided by The Storyteller’s Abode. I absolutely love this picture!


Mother stood against the cabinet, holding onto it for support. She had been having Marie tighten her corset more and more every few weeks; even though she could almost barely stand or breathe. She still looked so regal with the sunlight shining over her from the window. Her face always in a perfect soft smile.

Father and Josephine were still singing. Josephine’s eyes darting up toward me every few seconds, reminding me of my part coming up soon.

But I was keeping my eyes on mother. I wanted to grab her by the shoulders and shake her. Why was she doing this to herself? Why could only I see the pain and suffering in her eyes that she tried so hard to hide? Why won’t father see?

My part in the song came and went. Father stopped playing.

“If you want a husband one day,” mother said, “you need to be perfect in all you do. Perfect in every way.”

Father started playing again, Josephine’s eyes baring into me. I sang my part. Perfectly.

Perfect would make her happy.

( 179 words)

I had food poisoning earlier this week and it kind of ruined any writing plans I had. Will try to be on top of things again from next week.


13 thoughts on “Perfection

  1. Wonderful story and it went perfectly with the photo prompt! I can imagine her trying to get her waiste as tiny as possible even to the point of great pain. That is how women were back then! LOL! Loved how the little girl was concerned about being perfect for her mother. Hopefully it isn’t because she gets upset if she isn’t perfect. Great story! I had food poisoning last Friday and it was horrible! Glad that you are better!


    1. Thank you Joy! I’ve watched so many documentaries about the Victorians. In the one they put a corset on a woman and asked her to just walk up and down the stairs. She almost collapsed, unable to breathe properly! And we thought bras were uncomfy…haha.


  2. Heartbreaking story, I think. She puts so much pressure on herself, physically, mentally, and emotionally, all to be “perfect” for her husband. I enjoyed your take on the prompt. Well done!


  3. A wonderful story and a great one for the prompt. The pressure her mother had was terrible and her daughter was already expected to be perfect….in order to get a husband, which must have been a terrible henderance and she was not able to relax and just be herself! Makes me feel grateful that I did not live during those times.


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