One day

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

105th Challenge

This week’s prompt provided by Mike Vore!

One day

The piano stood alone in the room. Alex watched it, but lacked the strength to walk over and stretch his fingers over the keys. It had been more than a year since he last filled the room with music. And the piano stood waiting for him, beckoning him each time he passed, calling out to convey his emotions in song.

But he couldn’t.

Not yet.

Not until he could smile as sunshine warmed his skin. Not until the ache and the stress lulled away into forgotten memory. Not until it felt as if something in his life was going right again.

He would return one day, he promised himself. He wouldn’t let his talent go to waste, he told himself over and over. He closed the door.

But dust caked the cover, and the room remained silent day after day. The piano waited for him to return, to give his lifeless form a voice again.

‘One day’, it promised.

(159 words)

16 thoughts on “One day

  1. talent gets choked and subdued sometimes and inspiration comes in strange forms, but i hope he perseveres and lets the dust settle till he can shake it off again one day, lovely story!


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