Maybe it won’t be so bad

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

Prompt provided by MajesticGoldenRose!

Maybe it won’t be so bad

Nancy grimaced as she pulled up her stiletto from the mud. Jack wasn’t even waiting for her anymore, he was already talking to the farmer. Why did he want cows? What were they going to do on a farm in the middle of nowhere, without the city and all its glory?

There was a patch of grass she could walk on. She would give him a piece of her mind. Again.

“I have the cows ready for you, Jack,” the farmer said. He gave her a strange look before escorting Jack closer to the pen. Nancy huffed, ready to explode. She pulled her sunglasses off to clean them. What was that?

She didn’t hear Jack walk back to her. “Cute, isn’t it?”

Nancy huffed, looking away from the calf that was staring at her. “When are we leaving?” she asked.

“I think she likes you.”

She turned her head back, smiling this time. The calf really was cute. And fluffy. “Cows are fluffy?”

Jack laughed. “I suppose you can find out soon. She’s coming with us.”

Excitement danced in her, rising to her heart. How strange.

Maybe it won’t be so bad after all.

Cows are cute though. Especially Highland Cattle. Also, I have no idea how farms work. 

Image result for highland cows

14 thoughts on “Maybe it won’t be so bad

  1. Enjoyable story. She may find that she really likes having the cow around and learn more about it.She better be careful about naming it though! Unless, of course, it will be just a pet!


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