Her tree

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

Prompt provided by Shivangi Singh!

Her tree

When she was sad, she would look at that tree and imagine that she was climbing it’s long, outstretching branches into lands unknown and made-up scenarios. She was happy then and could escape the constant aching. It grounded her when the pain became unbearable.

Her father planted that young sapling the first time she came home from the hospital. That was thirty years ago, and he was gone and now with him, her tree.

She watched as her brothers helped the tree surgeon hack off the outstretching limbs. With every cut, another piece of her fell to the ground with it.

Tears streaming down her face, the tree gave its last and surrendered.

Now there would be nothing to anchor her next time. But now she could make it permanent.

Just like they had done to the tree.

(138 words)

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