The Island

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Louise with The Storyteller’s Abode.

The Island

It was still early. Beads of sweat formed on Peter’s forehead. He wiped them away with his hand. The ferry would come soon.

He blocked it out, the island, as if there was just more water where land was. You couldn’t make him acknowledge it. If there was a news coverage of it, he would only see a blank screen until the anchor came back on.

Then he received the letter.

After, the island seemed to never want to leave him alone. He saw it from his bedroom window when he pulled back the curtains. He saw it as he walked to work, when he went on dates, when he closed his eyes.

Peter bought a ticket and found himself standing in the queue to get on the ferry. His heart was in his throat as the island came closer into view. He didn’t remember walking. The house was still painted white with two lavender bushes by the door.

The curtains closed and there she was.

Peter gathered his strength. “Hi, mom.”

(172 words)

Just pretend that there is an island on the other side of the picture.