Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers



This week’s prompt provided by Maria with Doodles and Scribbles. Thank you!


It had become dark so fast.

Simon was waiting on the step by the front door all day. He had watched people go and come back from work, the other children playing in the street chanting for him to come join them. Then the street became quiet. He watched as the sky went from blue to orange-red, and then to black. The streetlights came on. The air became colder. He was still waiting.

He said he would be there in the morning. They would go to the new house where they could look at the stars, and would have Christmas before real-Christmas.

Simon couldn’t see the stars where he was sitting.

The door opened behind him. “Come inside, darling.”

“No,” he said. “He said he would come.”

Mom brought his dinner to him. He wouldn’t budge.

He said he would come.

It was almost bedtime and his eyes were becoming so heavy.

Dad was supposed to keep his promises.

(159 words)

A bit late, but I made it!


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