Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers



This week’s prompt provided by Maria with Doodles and Scribbles. Thank you!


It had become dark so fast.

Simon was waiting on the step by the front door all day. He had watched people go and come back from work, the other children playing in the street chanting for him to come join them. Then the street became quiet. He watched as the sky went from blue to orange-red, and then to black. The streetlights came on. The air became colder. He was still waiting.

He said he would be there in the morning. They would go to the new house where they could look at the stars, and would have Christmas before real-Christmas.

Simon couldn’t see the stars where he was sitting.

The door opened behind him. “Come inside, darling.”

“No,” he said. “He said he would come.”

Mom brought his dinner to him. He wouldn’t budge.

He said he would come.

It was almost bedtime and his eyes were becoming so heavy.

Dad was supposed to keep his promises.

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A bit late, but I made it!

But why is it green?

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

Prompt provided by Jade M. Wong

Why is it green?

“Why is it green?”

The merchant pulled on the hanging light. “It changes colour when there is danger.”

“Like a security light?” Mother asked.

He nodded. It’s rude to stare, I know, but he wore a string of pearls around his neck. Mother pulled me away when he placed it in my hands. She took them and threw them into the dusty street. I picked them up again when she wasn’t looking.

While mother looked at pots, I held my nose to the air for the fried dough and grilled meat stalls that were just ahead. I wasn’t allowed any. Mother bought a red rug for the kitchen. She still refused to wear shoes when she cooked, and always complained about the cold floor.

The pearls became like hot coals in my hand. I dropped the string onto the street. We had walked in a circle and was back at the light merchant’s stall. The strange green light we had been looking at was now red.

The merchant stepped out in front of me and placed a slimy hand on my shoulder.


I’ve been away from my blog the entire November while I was doing NaNoWriMo. I finished on day 28 with 95,065 words. The first 50 000 words I can use, but the other 40k will need a lot of attention if I want to do something with the story.

But anyway, I’m happy to be back 🙂