FFfAW Challenge Week of September 20, 2016

This week’s prompt provided by Joy Pixley!


“What are you doing up there?” Granny’s voice rang up toward us. We knew better than to go into the attic, but it was the only hiding spot where we believed it couldn’t find us.

I listened to the shuffling of her pink slippers on the wooden steps. Too soon her hand was on Jamie’s shoulder. “I told you kids never to come up here.”

“Yes, granny,” we said in unison. She wouldn’t punish us, we knew. But lines of disappointment were evident on her face, setting the wrinkles of her face deeper.

We fell in line behind granny as we all shuffled down to the kitchen for tea. She didn’t ask what we were hiding from. She just kept cleaning the counters, and every now and then would look up at the ceiling and then at us.

We slept in her bedroom with her that night. She placed a wooden beam across the door in slots grandpa had put in years before. She kept watch from her rocking chair, keeping her shotgun on her lap.

It wasn’t enough.

Jamie was gone in the morning.

I’m so sorry that this is late. But I still made it!