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Heather is a popular English and Scottish given name for girls. It simply meansheather” from the English word for the variety of small shrubs with pink or white flowers which commonly grow in rocky areas. Heath can be used as a male given name.

I didn’t always like my name.

It was as English as English could be in a town that was primarily Afrikaans. It made me feel like I would never be part of the crowd. If the curly hair didn’t separate me, then my name surely did.

I only realized as an adult that Heather is a good name. It’s a great name. This guy (and no I’m not advocating that you base your feelings of self-worth on what some guy has to say about you) said that he loved that name. He would name his daughter it if he could one day. To him it was beautiful. It felt like finally something about me was pretty. Than another person said it to me. And another.

I had to learn to like my name. Like I had to learn to love my curly hair and the fact that I’m really short. It wasn’t easy, but now I cherish every one of those things that makes me Heather.

My mother told me that they had picked out Heather because they liked it. I know not everyone can say this, but I know my parents gave me a name that they think is beautiful! They really thought about it.

In a way that makes me think that it’s a lovely part of me then. Something to treasure. The English part and the Afrikaans.


The wind swept through the field, pushing aside the heather that wildly grew in patches of delicate pinks and purples. Rivers of yellow and green ran through the shrubs like veins. She walked along the path toward the edge of the cliff where the sea stretched out before her. Never ending azure against the light blue.

Here she had convinced herself that she would never stay. She promised herself to never grow roots.

She turned her head to look back at the sleepy town nestled between the rolling hills.

Her home.

How could she leave now when her namesake was in bloom?

(102 words)

This might just be my idealized version of Scotland and places where heather grows. Sorry if it’s not right at all.


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