The Magenta diamond of you’ll-be-sorry

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

This week’s prompt provided by Jade M. Wong. 

The magenta diamond of you’ll-be-sorry

Why was there a magenta diamond stuck in the black sand here?

I told Denise not to touch it, now she’s against the wall of the cavern crying that she’s turning into a cat. I’ll deal with that later.

Great, now she fell on me while I was taking photos and I landed chest first on the thing. What even is it?

Not turning into a cat. Great. But my hands are now twice their normal size.

Okay, there’s a gnome sized alien sitting on the diamond thing now, watching us.

Denise has stopped crying, and hasn’t started meowing. I think I can taste that sandwich I had at a small bistro that one time I visited my father. I still don’t like green pepper.

The alien has stopped laughing at us, and has offered to stop the diamond’s affects if one of us will go back with him to his home planet. Anything is better than having eyes all over your arms.

I don’t know if it’s better to be an alien’s side-show attraction/pet. At least I get chocolate pudding and I can see normally again.

(187 words. Sorry!)

It’s supposed to be weird-funny. The boyfriend said it almost reminded him of Terry Pratchett. That’s good right?

Mysterious fox still on holiday.