Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

Prompt provided by Iain Kelly!


How is it possible to be in a helicopter, high above the city one moment, and on an island writing SOS in the sand the next?

I thought I was alone. It turned out that there was another woman on the opposite end who had taken the liberty of building herself a tree-house. I moved in. After several weeks I think I had given up on the idea of ever being rescued. We had the house, there was a fresh bottle of water in the chest every morning and we had all the fish and fruit we could ever want to eat.

I think I realized that I might have been dreaming it all when a fox came and sat next to me. Maybe I was still in the helicopter. Maybe I had crashed and was lying in a hospital bed totally unaware of what was going on.

The fox said I was worrying too much.

We shared a cocktail as we watched new people walk out of the water to live with us on the island.

177 words (oops)

11 thoughts on “Lost?

  1. Reading this was akin to being in a dream where everything feels real but then there’s random bouts of strange things like a fox coming up telling you that you worry too much and you just go with it because hey, it’s a dream right? Wonderful storytelling!


  2. Hmm, I think the MC might be onto something. A very long, vivid dream as her brain recovers from trauma. Or maybe she is just dreaming after one too many cocktails on the helicopter. So many possibilities. I love that, and the imagery and voice. Great job with this!


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