Just like the park

She showed up at his door soaking wet, bruised, and covered in glitter.:

She showed up at his door, soaking wet, bruised, and covered in glitter.

“What happened to you?”

Sarah shook her head, sending small sparks of glitter dancing down to my feet. She smiled and invited herself inside. “You wouldn’t believe me.”

It was way too early for this. Could she smell when I had to get up early? “Try me,” I said, closing the door. I crossed my arms.

“What’s the matter?” she asks.

“It’s three in morning, Sarah. I have a meeting at eight.”

“Well then, I won’t be too long,” she lied. “I just had to find a place to use as a temporary hideout. She might have followed me.”

My stomach churned. “Hide from who?”

Sarah stood on her knees on the couch. I cringed, worrying about the wet stains she would leave. Excitement radiated off from her. It almost managed to drag me in. Almost. “Remember last week when I told you that I think my neighbour might be hiding something?”

“That little old lady with the cane?”

“Well, guess what, it’s not a cane!”

I snorted. “It’s a weapon of mass destruction then? She shot you with her glitter canon?”

“No, it’s something that just makes her seem old. Like a device she uses to deceive everyone. She’s actually younger than me!” She showed me the big bruise on her cheek. “She did this.”

I stepped closer to inspect her cheek. “Is that why you look like this?”

She jumped up and grabbed my shoulders. “Yeah, I confronted her about it and she threw this on me. After the sucker punch. I’m not sure that it’s actually glitter, to be honest.”

I evacuated from my slippers. “Come on, that can’t be true.”

“It is.”

“But why are you wet?”

“Well, I confronted her and she hit me with her cane before throwing out water over me. She yelled some pretty mean things, but that just cements my theory that she’s trying to hide her true identity.”

It was my turn to grab her by her shoulders and started escorting her back to the door. “It’s late, Sarah. I have to get some sleep.”

“Just remember it was her if I suddenly disappear.”

“I’ll tell the police the little old lady has you chained up in her basement, forcing you to make glitter crafts.” I laughed a little.

“Connor, come one. I’m serious this time.”

“You were serious about the loch ness monster being in the park’s lake, too. Her lip quivered slightly, and I felt a pang of guilt. I really had to stop falling for that. “I’m sure she won’t have any dire plans for you now that you know the truth.”

“Thanks,” she said. And with a wave of her hand she was off again, leaving like the whirlwind that she was. Sarah never did disappear, but I never could look at her neighbour the same way after that.

Just like the park.

I haven’t been very faithful to my blog. It’s been such a long time since I’ve posted anything. I’m trying to get back into the swing of things and should be posting a bit more regularly from now on.

Just a silly prompt I saw on Pinterest. I had fun just letting loose for a change 🙂


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