Don’t be silly

Mondays finish the story

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Mondays Finish the Story

Finish the story begins with:  “The barista shook his head. That hedge couldn’t have moved closer overnight. Could it?”

And a special thanks to dralimanonlife for the opening line!


Don’t be silly

© 2015, Barbara W. Beacham

The barista shook his head. That hedge couldn’t have moved closer overnight. Could it?

The tapping of fingers against the counter brought him back. He pushed the latte toward the elf, who flicked her golden hair back as she left.

He turned to the window again. “Tink,” Big called. A child sized green fairy emerged from the back. “Take over a minute, will ya?”

The next preppy-elf stepped up to order. Big pressed himself against the window.

“What are you doing, Bigfoot?” Peter asked.

“Those hedge people are moving closer every night.”

“Don’t be silly,” he said, also pressing himself against the glass. “How could they move?”

Big shrugged. “I don’t know. Magic?”

The coffeehouse roared in laughter. Peter patted his big, hairy shoulder. “Don’t be silly! You know we don’t believe in magic.”

Outside the hedge family stopped rolling on the grass from laughter, and went back to their positions. Registered & Protected 


8 thoughts on “Don’t be silly

  1. Funny! Fancy a group of mystical creatures not believing in magic 🙂 Though it’s all probably “normal” to them. “Hedge People magic”, on the other hand…


  2. I agree that it’s odd that a group of mythical beings don’t believe in magic. I wonder what they do believe in. Also, I wonder if hedge people trim trimselves. Funny and well done, WC. 😀 — Suzanne


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