Don’t you dare

100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week#156


The weather isn’t behaving as it should…


Don’t you dare

“We need to get to that house.” Mark hurried inside the abandoned house, followed by little sister, Becca, and Rich.

The wind picked up. It whirled and moaned around them. They huddle in the forgotten bathtub.


“Where is everyone?”

Becca’s arms wobbled as she tried to push herself up. She found the front door of the house open.

“Don’t you dare say it,” Mark huffed.

Becca stepped outside. Empty field had been replaced with ruby-red wheat. In the distance there was the gleam of a golden palace. Before them an emerald road. “Where are we?”

Rich stifled a laugh. “We’re not in Kansas anymore.”


My funny little take on The Wizard of Oz. I couldn’t help myself. When I saw the picture it was all I could imagine.

It’s not Oz. It’s… Noz. Registered & Protected 


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